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Pay With Hypur

The Smarter Way to Pay

Hypur provides electronic payments for industries that otherwise would not have access to legitimate merchant processing.

Hypur offers the convenience and security of mainstream payments without the frustrations, unreliability, and awkwardness of niche payment schemes. Enjoy the convenience of card payments without the security risks associated with workaround payment options.


Pay straight from your bank account – no prepaid account, cryptocurrency, or weird “cash-back” transactions


No signup fees, transaction fees, or monthly fees, and signing up for Hypur only takes a couple minutes


Not a workaround payment scheme that works sporadically or relies on shady middleman or offshore processors

Tired of Cash and Questionable Payment Schemes?

Accept Hypur Pay ™

Real Payments for Real Business

Hypur Pay provides legitimate electronic payments for businesses that don’t have access to traditional payments or that want a more customized payment solution – including cannabis businesses.

Hypur is a fully transparent electronic payment platform that won’t put your customers’ information (and your reputation) at risk. Hypur integrates with many systems for effortless in-store, delivery, order-ahead and online purchases.


No need to deceive the card networks or use shady middlemen


No service shutdowns, outages, or rejected transactions


Hypur is PCI DSS Certified – the highest level of certification

Move on from Cash and Finicky Workaround Payments Solutions

Bank Compliance Technology

Solutions for Highly-Regulated and Cash-Intensive Businesses

Hypur enables banks and credit unions to empower commerce in their communities by providing much needed banking services to underserved businesses.

Hypur bridges gaps between the capabilities of traditional banking systems and the unique regulatory demands of highly-regulated and cash-intensive businesses. Enabling you to responsibly and sustainably serve these businesses.


View real-time sales activity, track cash-in-transit, analyze deposit trends, customize alerts and triggers


Eliminate tedious administrative tasks and routine processes, freeing staff to focus on more value-add work


Proactively manage risk through real-time alerts, automated information requests, and resolution tracking

Don’t Let a Banking System Limit Your Growth

Hypur's ecosystem

Integrations that Empower Commerce

Let’s Build Great Stuff Together

Hypur’s integrated payment and compliance platform enables innovative technology providers to create tools that empower commerce.

Whether you currently provide services for highly-regulated or cash-intensive industries, or are looking to expand into these markets, Hypur’s PCI DSS Certified platform provides the framework to create and deliver products these underserved businesses need. Leverage the Hypur platform to tap into new sales and revenue channels.

Awards and Recognition

Hypur’s innovative technology has been recognized by local and national organizations.

We’re grateful for the recognition but we’re not done – we have big things planned.