Challenge traditional payment processes.

A paradigm shift to open up new revenue opportunities.

Stop losing revenue to third parties in the constantly evolving payments space.

Offer a turn-key innovative electronic invoicing and payment solution that helps manage the entire accounts receivable process.

In a time when the demand for electronic business payment solutions is rising, it’s time to ensure financial institutions are equipped to compete against the mainstream products in the market place. Without viable options for financial institutions, this has been an area unserved that simply wasn’t included in the portfolio of services provided to clients. But not anymore.

The HypurPayments platform is changing the paradigm. Our intuitive electronic invoicing and payments platforms will allow your clients to easily manage the entire accounts receivable process and allow your financial institution to add a new revenue source to your services.

The Hypur Platform:

Use our products as modules, creating a solution unique to your needs.

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Increase efficiencies with one simple invoicing and payments platform.

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Overcome regulatory burdens with a comprehensive transaction monitoring and electronic reporting system.

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Eliminate the paper-chasing and signature-collecting using a secure online onboarding portal and document management system.

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