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Webinar: Banking MSB and Marijuana Clients in a Responsible and Profitable Manner

By May 11, 2017 No Comments

This webinar will address various legal, compliance, and financial factors concerning the banking of money-service businesses and marijuana-related businesses. We will examine how the de-risking of MSB’s by large financial institutions is creating opportunities for credit unions willing and able to service MSB’s. We will discuss federal policy governing the enforcement of AML and BSA laws as they relate to state-legalized marijuana, and how credit unions can satisfy their compliance obligations in this new and evolving market. We will also address the financial opportunities the MSB and marijuana markets offer for credit unions in need of new revenue streams.


1. How to meet AML/BSA responsibilities of banking MSB’s.
2. Using technology to mitigate risk and increase transparency of MSB customers.
3. Understanding the current legal and policy landscape of banking marijuana businesses.
4. Using technology, credit unions can obtain unprecedented transparency into their marijuana customers.
5. MSB’s and marijuana businesses can be a significant revenue source for credit unions.

Banking of MSB and Marijuana Clients in a Responsible and Profitable Manner from Hypur & NACUSO.