The Simplest Way for Your Business to Pay and Get Paid

Use Hypur to pay your vendors and to get paid by your business partners

Streamline Accounts Receivable

A B2B Payment Platform for All Industries

Hypur is designed for any business that lacks access to traditional payment options or that wants a streamlined payment platform that can send and receive funds.

Hypur has been built from the ground up with transparency and ease-of-use in mind. If the businesses you work with don’t have Hypur, that’s no problem. Hypur is designed to work in conjunction with any current invoicing platform so you don’t have to worry about who is using what.


In the cannabis industry, Hypur’s verified network and security protocols keep your money safe, wherever it’s coming from.


No frustrating service shutdowns or unnecessarily rejected transactions because our platform was built with cannabis related businesses in mind.


Track your payments from start to finish with real-time status updates with Hypur’s B2B payment dashboard.

See Our B2B Platform in Action

Distributor paying with Hypur

Requesting Payments

Make It Easy to Request Payments

Easily create requests for payment, add details for accurate records and scheduling, and send an email to your business partners streamlining your payment flow.

With Hypur you have an electronic way to monitor payment requests. You can better predict when your funds will be available in your account, so you can focus more on your business and less on hunting down your accounts receivable.

Cultivator completing a B2B payment with Hypur

Sending Payments

Manage Payments in One Place

With the ability to pay anyone by just having their email, you no longer have to coordinate back and forth with a business to figure out how to pay them. Just press send and know they will get the funds directly to their bank account.

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