Take the hassle out of business payments.

Increase the efficiencies for you and your vendors with electronic business payments.

Speed up payment handling and avoid the costly credit card fees.

One easy platform to increase efficiencies and lower costs.

Imagine being able to send and receive business payments all electronically and all in one place. No need to wait for check payments, manually consolidating payments or paying the costly credit card fees. Use HypurPayments, the new Electronic Business Payments (EBP) platform to easily request, send and receive payments electronically with direct account-to-account transfers.

No matter what industry you’re in, whether you’re a manufacturer, a distributor or any type of merchant, we can help streamline your business payments and invoicing operations.

Keeping it simple, secure and efficient.

Reduce processing fees.

Avoid costly credit card fees.

Speed up collection time.

Use one simple platform versus managing multiple invoicing channels.

Real-time updates.

Track your payments and get notified when they’re received, accepted and paid.

Payment security.

Safely store and encrypt proprietary information to protect you and your customers.

What if the vendor paying me doesn't use Hypur?

No problem.

The vendor can simply either make a one-time payment or create a Hypur Profile at time of payment for fast and easy processing of future payments.

An intuitive platform to ease your operations:

Step 1: Login.

Sign in to your Hypur Profile and click the green “+” to create a new payment request.

Step 2: Send a request.

Fill out a few payment details on the “Request a Payment” form, attach an optional invoice and click “send.”

Step 3: Track it’s progress.

The recipient receives the request, selects an account to pay from and submits a payment. You receive a notification and your dashboard is updated.

Create a Secure Vendor Payment Network (SVPN).

A network of vendors made by you.

Hypur’s Electronic business payments can help you build a secure digital network to manage your invoice payments and store payment data between you and your vendors. By having your vendors create Hypur Profiles and join your network, you’re able to safely transact between each other without ever having to share sensitive bank or cardholder information with one another.

Start your own SVPN today

Don't take our word for it:

Hypur is the best way to make B2B payments. It’s made everything so easy and seamless and cuts down our turnaround times on payments.

Would recommend to any and all businesses looking to improve how they send and receive payments.

Cindy B. - Business Accountant

Payment protection.

Security you can trust.

Our software uses bank-level encryption to store payment information to ensure your business is safe from potential financial, legal and reputational damages.

Use Hypur for your b2b payments