Stress-free payments for your business.

Think electronic payments are too difficult for your industry?


Challenge accepted.

Learn how Hypur makes electronic payments simple.


We think so too.

Find out how Hypur makes electronic payments quick and easy.

Why Hypur?


Frictionless payments.

Send and receive payments without using cash, cards or checks.

Quick transfers.

Automatic processing and payment settlement in no time.

Reduced fees.

Save on cash handling, payment processing and chargeback fees.

Real-time updates.

Track your payments and get notified when they’re received and accepted.


Increased customer spend.

Enable your customers to spend freely without the limitations of cash.

Reduced chargeback liability.

Verified funds and purchasers lowers your chargeback culpability.

No cash management.

Lower the resources needed to manage, track and transport cash.

Faster checkouts.

Have customers pay with their mobile phone number to shorten wait times.

What our customers say:

Seth M.Inventory Control Manager

“Hypur provides our customers with a convenient, easy way to make purchases from our store, and allows us to minimize risks associated with our cash-intensive business. It’s easy to use, and it allows us to focus on what is truly important to our business.”

Cris C. Sales Associate

“Hypur is great! No ATM fees, no extra stops for cash, it’s the best!”

Erik T.

“It eliminates myself from having to deal with cash, I don’t have to count anything. When I use the system itself, the communication between the patient and myself is a lot more keen. It eliminates me making mistakes and allows the patient to make sure that they have no cash or change involved.”

Conduct cashless transactions.

Hypur Commerce reduces your business's cash burden while giving your customers the opportunity to make purchases electronically.

Customers can pay directly from their checking accounts to your business's bank account once they sign up for a free Hypur profile. And you can access transaction history reports at any time.

How customer payments work:


Your customers sign up for a FREE Hypur profile.


Customers check-in to your store in their Hypur profile or give you their mobile phone number.


Customers type in their 4-digit PAC code to pay and receive an email and text message receipt.

Make electronic B2B payments.

Hypur Payments makes sending and receiving business-to-business payments simple. Conveniently request, receive and send digital payments as well as monitor the status of each payment.

You'll also receive timely email notifications for when a payment is due and when a payment has been made.

How business payments work:


Click the “+” sign to start a payment request.


Provide a few details about the payment request and click send.


The recipient then pays for the request through his or her Hypur business profile.

Verify eligible customers.

Hypur ID helps you decrease the risk of fraud and unauthorized transactions by validating a customer's government-issued ID within seconds.

Simply scan your customer's ID on the device we provide. Then see if the ID is a match or not on your computer screen.

How it works:


The customer’s government-issued ID is scanned.


Hypur ID’s software then validates the customer’s identity and verifies the customer’s age in seconds.


Once verified, you can rest assured knowing you’re only selling to legal purchasers.

Keep business tools in one place.

Hypur Connections provides you with the ability to integrate point-of-sale, loyalty, inventory, delivery and accounting systems into your Hypur business profile.

This means that everything you need to operate your business can be easily accessed from one place.

Check out our YouTube channel to learn more.


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