Need a Cannabis Bank Account?

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Cannabis banking is readily available

Most states with legal medical or adult-use marijuana have multiple financial institutions actively taking on new cannabis businesses.

Why is it such a challenge to get a marijuana bank account?

Most financial institutions are very selective about which marijuana businesses they will work with, so they operate on a referral basis rather publicly ‘advertise’ that they bank cannabis businesses.

Beware get rich quick bankers

Not all cannabis banks are created equal. We can help you determine if a financial institution is dedicated to providing you a sustainable cannabis bank account.

How Hypur can help

As a leading cannabis banking technology provider and expert on cannabis banking, we have relationships with financial institutions in all states with legalized marijuana. As a service to financial institutions, who are providing valuable services to cannabis businesses and the communities they operate in, we are happy to help you find a bank or credit union for your cannabis business.

Want help getting a cannabis bank account?

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