How to Keep Your Dispensary Community Connected

How to Keep Your Dispensary Community Connected

As the days and weeks go by, it becomes clear that the impact of the global pandemic will be more extensive and long term than previously anticipated. People are self-isolating to avoid contracting or spreading coronavirus or COVID-19 and practicing social distancing when they do go out to get their essential items.

This means they’re engaging with your business less by not attending your events, shaking hands with your budtenders, enjoying a conversation with your managers, or smelling and discussing product options. During this time, many dispensaries are only allowed to offer curbside pickup and delivery. So how do you keep your community feeling connected? Hypur has always been committed to serving the close-knit cannabis community, and here are some more ideas to help you stay in touch.

420 Live Stream

From casual Zoom chats with friends to virtual happy hours, many people are using technology to stay connected and socialize. You can do the same with your community. Why not commit to doing a regular live stream on your most popular social network? Whether you do a Facebook or Instagram live, or even Periscope on Twitter, your regulars can tune in and still chat with you and each other.

Take this to the next level by letting customers submit questions in advance or doing a Q&A during that time. You could include your vendors and partners, showcasing their product or services. You don’t need to do it every day – doing a live stream once a week could still help your community stay connected and highlight that your team is still available.

Product Info

During normal circumstances, part of visiting a dispensary is getting a chance to smell different strains and discuss which product is best suited to each person’s needs. Those opportunities are limited or non-existent now. While that can be frustrating, it also gives you an interesting opportunity.

Help your community while also showcasing your vast knowledge of the industry. Advise consumers who may be switching from smoking or vaping to edibles or tinctures on the available options. Discuss the various products and explain their ideal uses. Describe different methodologies for consumption, and how they may serve different medical or recreational needs. Is one product better for mental or physical health? Keep your community informed, especially as they may be adjusting their consumption habits.

Social Media Hashtags and Stories

Social media is, as the name implies, designed to be social. A great tool for helping your community is to keep them in the loop with shared experiences. Someone getting a delivery or using curbside pickup at your location? Encourage them to snap a picture and tag you. If they’re paying with Hypur, you can use #DispensarynameXHypur or #HypurConnected.

Use your stories to share behind the scenes videos or images of what life is like at the dispensary. Do you have additional cleaning times? Why not show how you’re keeping your location safe with protective wear or cleaning techniques and products? Even a picture of the toilet paper supply at your location could get some laughs from your regulars.

Most of All – Be Authentic

No matter how you choose to engage with your community, make sure that you’re authentic. Don’t send emails just for the sake of emailing – make sure that you are offering your community something. Whether it’s reassurance, insight, advice, or entertainment, you can add value to your community.

This is a time when companies are showing their true colors, and people will remember what they saw. Make sure that your communication comes from a place of compassion, empathy, and support. If your goal is self-serving, your community will see right through you. Instead, strive to say connected and encourage the spirit of being in this together. Not only will that help your community stick together now, but also build loyalty and respect in the future.

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