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All Your Sales Channels. One Payment Provider.

Streamline your operations with one payment provider that offers payment solutions no matter how your customer shop. Hypur integrates with many of the popular POS systems, order-ahead services, delivery providers, and shopping carts.



You Know Cannabis. We Know Cannabis Payments.

Hypur has helped financial institutions process over 600,000 cannabis transactions since 2016 without a shutdown or outage. We offer real payments, for real businesses. No cashless ATMs. Our solutions are fully transparent and sustainable. We can handle all your payment needs.

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Retail Payments

In-store and Curbside.

Hypur offers ACH and debit solutions for in-store and curbside payments. Hypur Pay is our mobile-app based ACH payment solution that has been used by cannabis businesses since 2016 and has over 200,000 registered users. Our latest product is debit processing (not a cashless ATM) that offers full-feature merchant processing.

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Delivery Payments

Pay On-porch or Pay-ahead.

Hypur offers ACH and debit delivery payments. Hypur Pay, our ACH payment solution, can be integrated into your delivery app seamless payment and uses pre-authorization to eliminate out of stock purchases and wasted trips. 

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Order-ahead Payments

Online and In-app.

Unleash the convenience of ordering ahead with Hypur Pay. Customers can pay when placing an order online or in your app. No waiting in line to pay at pick up. Our APIs to make it easy integrate Hypur Pay into your website or app.

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