Need a Cannabis Merchant Account?

Accept Electronic Payments

Enjoy Transparent Cannabis Merchant Services

A merchant account (also known as merchant services) lets your business accept payments in various ways, typically by accepting card payments. Currently, cannabis transactions are prohibited on branded credit and debit card networks run by VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Cannabis businesses need the convenience of accepting electronic payments. But too many people open cannabis merchant accounts using false information that can lead to account closures or even blacklisting on the Terminated Merchant File (TMF) or Member Alert to Control High-Risk (MATCH) databases.

Having a transparent cannabis merchant account is vital for your business’ sustainability. Avoid shady payment providers and get a legitimate marijuana merchant account.

Legitimate dispensary with a cannabis merchant account

Legitimate Cannabis Merchant Accounts

Improving Your Brand Perception

Cash and shady payment schemes can undermine your business’ image. Customers demand reliable and safe payment methods that are also quick and convenient.

Hypur can help you get the best marijuana merchant account for your specific business. Say goodbye to service outages, payment shutdowns, and data security worries.

Offering a reliable payment method through a reputable cannabis or CBD merchant service provider takes your business out of the darkness and into the light.

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Legitimate merchant accounts lead to growing your business.

Sustainability Leads to Growth

Improve Your Future

Delighting your customers with a superior shopping experience – one that’s safe, convenient, and modern – results in increased loyalty and sales. Easy electronic payments lead to higher ticket sales and increased customer satisfaction!

A legitimate cannabis merchant account may improve your future payment options, as you will already have gone through the underwriting process. If or when cannabis is legalized on a federal level, and the branded card networks allow it, your onboarding will be streamlined for faster access to credit card payment processing.

This is why having a reputable cannabis or CBD merchant account is so valuable.


Keep your business compliant and avoid blacklisting by working with reputable financial institutions. Hypur can help you find your ideal banking partner without shady workarounds.


No service outages, shutdowns, or unnecessary rejected transactions. Offer customers the same convenient electronic payment method every time they shop.


With the best marijuana merchant account, you’ll already be vetted with the financial institutions. As more payment processors allow cannabis transactions, you can quickly and easily get on board.

Need a Payment Processor for Cannabis?

One Merchant Account – Many Benefits

Minimize Risk

A transparent cannabis or CBD merchant account means your payments stay reliable and your account won’t be shut down.

Data Protection

Hypur takes security seriously which is why we’re PCI DSS compliant. This is the highest level of compliance offered by the Payment Card Industry (PCI Security Standards council.

Future Payment Methods

Gain access to all cannabis merchant services as they become permissible.

Access to Your Money

Avoiding shady third-party processors means your funds stay on shore and you have easy access to your money.

Move Your Business Forward with Transparent Electronic Payments

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hypur?

Hypur is a payments, banking, and compliance solution technology for cash-intensive industries like cannabis and CBD. We touch every aspect of the industry, offering a one-stop solution for the business of cannabis. 

Why Can’t People Use Credit Cards to Pay for Cannabis?

The major credit card networks do not permit cannabis transactions. If the card networks change their policy, and you have a transparent cannabis merchant account, it’s possible to offer card transactions in the future.  

What Is a Merchant Account?

A merchant account is a type of bank account that allows businesses to accept payments in multiple ways, typically debit or credit cards. Underwritten by a financial institution, your marijuana merchant account will allow you to accept Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs) for cannabis. 

What Is a Payment Processor?

A payment processor is an intermediary between you and an acquiring financial institution that handles transactions from various channels. They are the ones who check that the customer has the required funds, verify billing address and may check for other signs of fraud. 

Can Marijuana Businesses Get a Bank Account?

Yes. Contrary to popular belief, Marijuana-Related Businesses (MRBs) can get legitimate bank accounts and merchant accounts with banks and credit unions. 

Does Hypur Use Offshore Banks or Payment Processors?

No. Hypur is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, we use only U.S. based financial institutions and we don’t use a third-party payment processor so all parties that handle your transactions are held to U.S. data security and privacy standards. 

Is Hypur Reliable?

Yes. We use redundant high-availability servers so Hypur will work all the time, every time. We also use advanced logic to limit unnecessary rejected transactions and because Hypur is fully transparent you don’t have to worry about getting shut down when someone finds out you’re a cannabis business. 

Do You Have Online Shopping Cart Integrations?

Yes, we are integrated with WooCommerce.