Debit Card Processing

Tapping card on payment terminal

True Card Processing

Not a Cashless ATM or
“Banking” Device

Running a cannabis business if full of challenges but payments don’t have to be one of them. Cannabis payments just made a giant step forward so you no longer have to settle for wonky, work-around payment solutions. 

Debit card terminal on counter

Full Featured Payments

Attract New Customers with Traditional Payments

  • Accept all major debit cards from your customers
  • Process sales for the exact amount of the purchase
  • No need to round up or provide cash back to the customer
  • Accept in-store payments
  • Accept delivery payments
  • Accept curbside pickup payments

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Paying with card

The Payment Experience You Deserve

Fast, Seamless Checkout,
Higher Revenue

With a traditional payment process your customers are familiar with you’ll experience faster line speeds, higher average tickets, and happy customers.

  • No change to give back to customers
  • Customers can add a tip to purchases
  • No customer ATM fees
  • Reliable equipment
  • Multi-layer security features
Tapping card to pay

Backoffice Efficiency

Save Time and Money, Grow Your Business

Robust reporting, low fees, and helpful support mean you spend less time on payments and more time growing your business. 

  • Fast settlement
  • Online reporting portal
  • Easy reconciliations (unlike cashless ATMs)
  • Offer a “cash discount” (customer pays fees)
  • WiFi and mobile devices make logistics easy
  • Industry leading pricing
  • No application fee

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is debit processing different than cashless ATMs?

Aside from the transactional differences – no rounding transaction up or providing cash back to customers, our debit product does not violate major card network rules.

Can customers use credit cards?

No. The major credit card networks do not permit cannabis transactions. If a debit product accepts credit cards they are processing the transaction as a cash advance by the customer.

Will Hypur offer credit card processing in the future?

If the card networks permit credit cards we plan to offer credit card processing using the same equipment with no additional underwriting.

When do transactions settle?

You will receive your funds in 1-2 banking days.

What type of reporting is provided?

You can access daily reports via your online portal. Reconciling is a breeze compared to cashless ATMs with their rounded up transactions and cash balancing challenges.

Can I accept debit cards for online purchases?

No. Debit processing is only available for “card present” transactions (in-store, curbside and delivery). We offer Hypur Pay for online and in-app payments. 

What support is provided?

We provide free training and support via email, chat, or phone 7-days a week. All support and account managers are U.S.-based.