End the hassle of cash.

Make electronic cannabis payments the standard from wholesale to retail.

Let us be the link to go cashless and help you grow with electronic cannabis payments.

In-store orders, online orders, delivery orders and even supplier payments – all connected in one easy-to-use electronic payments platform to simplify day-to-day operations and accelerate your business.

It’s been the missing link, but with Hypur you can bridge the gap to allow seamless and secure electronic cannabis payments for all parties involved, from suppliers, to dispensaries to customers.

Start empowering your business

In-store orders

No more ATM or cash needed. Have your customers pay with Hypur.

Online orders.

No debit and credit cards. Have your customers pay with Hypur.

Delivery orders.

No cash on delivery. Have your customers pay with Hypur.

Supplier payments.

No waiting on checks or high credit card fees. Pay with Hypur.

The Hypur Platform

Our electronic cannabis payments platform provides a comprehensive list of features to increase efficiencies and get your business on the fast track to growth.

Increased line speed.

Increase line speed by 40% with quick check-outs.

Eliminate no-show orders.

Get paid at time of online ordering – no more hassle of no shows.

No cash on delivery.

A simple 4 digit PAC code verifies the customer and that their order was paid for.

No cash management.

Lower the resources needed to manage, track and transport cash.

Quick ID verification.

Receive ID verification results within moments to speed up check-ins and checkouts.

Accurate authentication.

Reduce your liability by ensuring you are only selling to authorized individuals.

Verify funds.

Take payment for all online orders with verification of funds at time of ordering.

Payment security.

Sensitive information is stored securely to protect you and your customers.

Real-time updates.

Track the status of vendor payments with notifications.

“Hypur is an excellent way to purchase medical marijuana. It is easy to use, easy to set up. It allows patients to purchase what they want and more of a “sale” is available when they walk into any dispensary. NO CASH to carry— much safer. And NO ATM surcharge. Our patients LOVE Hypur.”

Crystal C. – Staff Member

We integrate with your existing business operating systems.

Offer electronic marijuana payments no matter what software you use.

Our platform was built to fully integrate with your point-of-sale and business intelligence to make your day-to-day operations as simple as possible. We also integrate with delivery services and ecommerce platforms, so if your business offers pre-order and online services, we can help you accept electronic retail payments.

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Happy customers.

Your customers’ satisfaction is important to us, too.

Cannabis customers love using Hypur. It eliminates the hassle of going to the ATM and enables them to spend more without being limited to the cash they have on hand. Our electronic cannabis payment platform is secure, fast and simple.

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