Secure Mobile Payments for Cannabis Businesses

Bring legitimacy to your business

Legitimate businesses don't force their customers to pay with cash or use clunky reverse ATM script machines and they don't put their customers' information at risk by using offshore payment processors

Customers want a traditional payment experience they feel confident using

Hypur is a convenient, secure mobile payment platform that works all-the-time, every-time

Hypur is designed for any industry but built for cannabis

Get Hypur and legitimize your business

In-store payments

Secure, convenient mobile payments that customers love

Order Ahead

Customers finalize payments when they pick-up their product

Delivery orders

Customers can pay delivery drivers electronically

B2B payments

Accept payments online from your business customers

Hypur's Secure Mobile Payment Platform

Hypur's electronic marijuana payment platform offers an impressive list of benefits for your business but most of all it brings credibility and legitimacy to your business. You run a licensed business - your customers shouldn't have to pay like its a back-alley transaction. Without access to legitimate credit card or debit card payment options, cannabis businesses are forced to rely on cash or unreliable and risky work-around hacks. Hypur's focus on transparency, security and compliance provides a sustainable, dependable traditional payment experience.

Fast checkouts

No change to count or ATM scripts to deal with

No offshore payment processors

No sketchy security, support or system availability worries

Track record

Hypur has been processing cannabis payments since 2016

Quick Settlement

Customer payments are in your account the next banking day


No false applications to file or worrying about losing payment processing suddenly

No games

No random fee increases or fluctuating transaction policies


Transparency and reduced cash appeases your bank and state officials


Hypur is PCI Certified – the industry standard for legitimate payment processing

Rock-solid technology

High-availability redundant servers that work all-the-time, every-time

“Hypur is an excellent way to purchase medical marijuana. It is easy to use, easy to set up. It allows patients to purchase what they want and more of a “sale” is available when they walk into any dispensary. NO CASH to carry— much safer. And NO ATM surcharge. Our patients LOVE Hypur.”

Crystal C. – Staff Member

Integrated payments

Multiple ways to shop….Same payment experience

Hypur’s payment platform lets your customers pay the same way regardless of how they shop. Hypur integrates with point-of-sale, business intelligence/loyalty providers,  ecommerce platforms, order-ahead and delivery systems.

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Customers love Hypur

Make cannabis a traditional shopping experience

Hypur is super convenient and there are no fees for customers to sign-up or make purchases. Hypur gives your customers convenient electronic payments they can trust and count on to work every-time, all-the-time.

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