Hypur Pay

Payments for the Future of Cannabis

Cannabis Payment Processing

Designed For Any Industry

Built for Cannabis

Hypur is designed for any business that doesn’t have access to traditional payment options or that wants an alternative to branded card networks.

Hypur has been adapted for the special needs of cannabis businesses so you can offer your customers a safe and reliable electronic payment option and the shopping experience they expect from a legitimate business.

Hypur is not a workaround payment solution so there are no shady middlemen and no need to deceive the card networks. Payments go directly from your customers’ account to your bank account.

The legitimate way to pay for cannabis business transactions

More Than Payments

Legitimacy for Your Business

Legitimate businesses deserve legitimate payments.

Cash and sketchy ATMs (and their fees) are hardly signs of a legitimate business. Neither are payment schemes that work sporadically, reject transactions unnecessarily and put customer’s information at risk.

With Hypur you can say goodbye to expensive transaction fees (for you and your customers), service outages, service shutdowns, and data security worries.

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Enhance Your Customer Experience

Elevate Your Brand

Your customers are buying from a licensed dispensary – they shouldn’t have to pay like it’s a back alley transaction.

Delight your customers with the shopping experience they want – one that’s safe, efficient, and modern. Offer electronic payments that are secure, free, and work every time they visit your store.

Align your customer experience with your brand aspirations. Make shopping at your store convenient, secure, easy, and fun.


Fast checkouts, quick customer signup and no customer fees. No change to make, ATM scripts to deal with, and no waiting for card authorizations.


No frustrating service outages, service shutdowns, or unnecessarily rejected transactions


Customers can shop with confidence knowing their sensitive information is safe and that Hypur will work every time they shop

Tired of Cash and Questionable Payment Schemes?

One Payment Platform

Many Ways To Shop

In-Store Payments

Secure, convenient, and fast mobile payments for medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries

Order-Ahead Payments

Customers simply finalize payment when they pick up their product

Delivery Payments

Customers pay the delivery driver when their product is delivered

Online Payments

Hypur integrates with major shopping carts if you sell products online

Watch a Hypur In-Store Payment in Action

Cannabis payments are secure with Hypur

Legitimate Data Security

Protect Your Customer’s Information and Your Reputation

Hypur takes data security very seriously. To prove it, we’re PCI DSS Certified.

PCI DSS certification is the industry standard for legitimate payment processing. And our encrypted and tokenized platform keeps your customers’ information off your systems so you don’t need to worry about the hassles of PCI DSS compliance.

Do you trust “pop-up” workaround payment schemes, and all the parties a transaction passes through, with your customers’ information? Your reputation is at stake.

Move Your Business Forward with Legit Electronic Payments.

Business to Business Payments

Hypur Works for Business Customers, Too

Your customers are buying from a licensed dispensary – they shouldn’t have to pay like its a back alley transaction.

Hypur B2B payments feature the same security, reliability and quick settlement as our B2C payments but with additional features designed specifically for B2B payments.

Features like generating and attaching invoices to payment requests, scheduling payments and tracking payment status make Hypur a great way to streamline billing, track receivables and collect payments from your business customers.

Additional Benefits of Hypur Pay

Fast Check-Outs

No change to count, card authorizations to wait for or ATM scripts to deal with

Quick Settlement

Customer payments are in your bank account in 1 to 2 banking days

Track Record

Hypur has been processing cannabis payments since 2016

Fraud Prevention

Advanced fraud prevention for you and your customers

Fully Transparent

No false applications to file or worrying about losing payment processing suddenly

Straight Forward

No random fee increases or fluctuating transaction policies

Stay Compliant

Transparency and reduced cash appeases your bank and state officials

Live Support

Live U.S. based support 7-days a week via phone, email, or chat

Rock Solid Technology

High availability redundant servers that work all-the-time, every time

Low Fees

Free for customers and low, straight-forward fees for you


No cryptocurrencies, credits, points, or pre-paid accounts

Detailed Reporting

Flexible online reports make reconciliation fast and easy

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hypur Offer Credit Card Payments?

No. The credit card networks like VISA and MasterCard do not permit cannabis transactions. If the card networks change their policy, and we can offer secure, cost-effective card-based transactions, we will add credit cards as a payment option.

Does Hypur Offer Debit Payments?

Yes. Let’s talk about the Hypur solution that is right for your business. Contact us here.

What Are Hypur's Fees?

The transaction fees are similar to credit card fees paid by traditional businesses and much less than credit card fees paid by retailers in other “high-risk” industries.

When Do I Receive Payment From Customers Who Pay With Hypur?

In 1 to 2 banking days – which is faster than credit card transactions.

Is My Customer's Information Safe?

Yes. Hypur goes to great lengths to protect your customers’ information (and your reputation). We are PCI DSS Certified which is the highest certification available and the industry standard for legitimate payment providers.

Does Hypur Use Offshore Banks or Payment Processors?

No. Hypur is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, we use only U.S. based financial institutions and we don’t use a third-party payment processors so all parties that handle your transactions are held to U.S. data security and privacy standards .

Is Hypur Reliable?

Yes. We use redundant high-availability servers so Hypur will work all-the-time, every time. We also use advanced logic to limit unnecessary rejected transactions and because Hypur is fully transparent you don’t have to worry about getting shut down when someone finds out you’re a cannabis business.

Does Hypur Prevent Fraud?

Yes. Hypur uses multiple steps during the consumer signup and transaction process to prevent fraud.

Does Hypur Offer Customer Support?

Yes. Hypur has U.S. based live support 7-days a week for you and your customers.

Ready to Start Accepting Cannabis Payments?