Hypur Diligence

Enhanced due diligence that exceeds compliance standards.

Hypur Diligence provides a secure online onboarding portal and document management system to maximize your institution's efficiency.

Make chasing paper a thing of the past. Easily gather, track, review and approve all the documents needed to bring on new customers with our user-friendly technology that fits right into your existing BSA/AML software.

Beneficial Ownership

Meet beneficial ownership requirements using an onboarding process that won’t let you miss what you need. Easily identify individuals who own 25 percent or more of the legal entity and keep track of everyone who has and hasn’t signed the necessary documents.

Digital Paper Management

Save time bringing on new customers with an intuitive digital application process that does the paper-chasing and signature-collecting for you. Store files and documents collected during the onboarding process in the secure Hypur Platform and retain complete audit trails for each new customer.

Dynamic Application Process

All forms filled out during the application process are automatically saved, so you or your new customer can log in and out whenever you want. And all the information collected during onboarding is prepopulated into that customer’s online portfolio.

Stress-free Onboarding

Create a digital application system tailored to your institution’s processes that won’t let you miss what you need and reduces liability. You can track the progress of all applicants in real-time as well as assign tasks and approve application documents with customizable workflows. It’s all the compliance and ownership essentials you need for bringing on new customers.

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