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Hypur Can Help

Hypur is your partner when it comes to securing a bank account for your business. We specialize in the tough stuff – like working with you through applications and underwriting.

Hypur provides solutions to financial institutions – banks and credit unions – that make it easier for them to bank MSBs. Our compliance technology helps provide a reliable banking solution for your business by connecting you with financial institutions that successfully bank MSBs.

Hypur helps facilitate and automate the onboarding and application process for MSBs by working directly with the financial institution.  


We work with our banks to continually improve their compliance procedures. Combined with our technology, they can more responsibly and transparently bank your business.


Hypur’s technology does what traditional banking systems can’t, enabling financial institutions to provide sustainable and affordable banking services to money service businesses.


We have strong partnerships with our banks and are invested in helping you get the access to the proper banking services you deserve.

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Meet Jose

Learn how Hypur helped him get his business back:

Jose Bravo’s family business was in trouble, and the years that the family had put into running their check cashing business were in trouble as well. After being de-risked by their bank, Jose had to shut the doors to his long-standing business.

Jose was forced to sell the business and his home when his bank account closed. On the quest for a solution, Jose found Hypur through an industry contact. After hearing about Jose’s story, Dianna at Hypur reached out. She was able to set him up with a bank account at a new bank. Hypur helped Jose get his business back by helping facilitate the relationship between Jose’s check cashing business and the bank.  

After the first month of reopening his business, Jose found himself struggling and even considering closing the doors once again. Dianna connected with Jose and made a trip out to Los Angeles.

Together, they built a new strategy to revitalize his business. Within a month, Jose’s business had doubled in revenue and he was consistently gaining new customers. Now Jose is setting his son up to take over the business and spending more time with his family. 

We Can Help You, Too.