How Hypur Is Influencing the Cannabis Industry

Established in 2014, Hypur has seen plenty of businesses in the cannabis industry come and go. Compared to opportunists who sought to make a quick profit from the marijuana industry’s growth, we are committed to working with the cannabis community. Our goal is to help legitimize the legal cannabis industry, making it sustainable and reliable. Here are a few ways we’re working towards that goal:

Eliminating the Cannabis Banking Problem

When we first started working with financial institutions and merchants in cannabis, we recognized that the cannabis industry didn’t have a payment problem. It had a banking problem. Without access to reliable banking, there was no way for businesses in the cannabis industry to use modern, convenient payment methods.

Hypur takes compliance seriously, which is why we are transparent with our financial institution partners. As a result, they trust us to help them bank the cannabis industry, offer reliable cannabis merchant accounts, and accept Hypur’s payment system.

To date, we estimate that we’ve helped over one thousand businesses get cannabis bank accounts. Using bank-level security, Hypur works across the cannabis industry. No matter the marijuana-related business (MRB) tier, we help financial industries bank the cannabis industry and eliminate the cannabis banking problem.

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Bringing Modern Payments to the Cannabis Industry

Journalists and politicians continue to highlight the bags of cash used at numerous dispensaries. Not only is cash inconvenient, but it’s actually quite costly to use in a business. We think that the cannabis industry deserves modern payments, which is why we developed Hypur Pay.

Our payment platform gives customers a quick, safe, and convenient way to pay for cannabis . It also makes it easy for everyone from cultivators to distributors to send B2B payments, even if your partners aren’t using Hypur (yet).

Eliminating Cash and Making the Community Safer

Cash is risky for consumers and merchants. Customers worry about making cash withdrawals and carrying cash around with them. Dispensaries face higher rates of theft and robbery  as criminals target these cash-intensive businesses.

The more cash that we can remove from the cannabis industry, the safer it will be. Hypur makes it easy and secure to use electronic cannabis payments. Not only is it a better payment experience for consumers and merchants, it also makes the cannabis industry less prone to theft or crime, keeping the cannabis community safer.

Working Towards Legitimizing the Legal Cannabis Industry

Hypur has worked closely with a range of banking groups and cannabis industry associations. We are determined to work with the cannabis community, moving the industry out of the darkness and into the light. We started with this in the very beginning, working with financial institutions to find transparent ways to bank the growing cannabis industry. But we’ve taken it a step further.

We understand that cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries. This means that it needs sustainable, scalable solutions that are work across a range of business models. Whether you offer cannabis delivery, work in cultivation, run a warehouse, or manage a dispensary, Hypur connects you with what you need.

There is a reason we serve on cannabis industry association boards and work with stakeholders across the country. Hypur is the one-stop-shop for the business of cannabis. We are committed to the cannabis community, functioning at a higher level because we think that this industry deserves more from its partners. We have been here for you since 2014 without interruption, and we will continue to help the cannabis industry move into the future.

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