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MJBizCon 2019: Hypur at the Biggest Cannabis Convention in Las Vegas

Our voices and feet are slowly recovering from the incredible week that we had in Las Vegas for MJBizCon. The largest event for the cannabis industry, MJBizCon attracted thousands of people to the Las Vegas Convention Center from December 11-13, 2019. Hypur made the most of MJBizCon, using the opportunity to meet with new and existing partners and share our support of the cannabis community.

Integrations and Partnerships

Hypur’s booth at the event was a staggering space. We invited some of our valued partners into the booth with us, showcasing our seamless integrations.

At the MJPlatform kiosk in our booth, their team was explaining their seed to sale solution and how it integrates seamlessly with Hypur to provide a modern shopping experience for consumers. Meanwhile, the WAYV  kiosk in our booth gave their team space to explain how they are changing the supply chain and logistics experience for cannabis businesses, particularly thanks to Hypur’s payment solution that lets them purchase a range of products with one easy, electronic transaction.

Other valued partners present in our booth were: I Heart Jane, Biotrack, Leaf Logix, and Meadow. Not only was it great to make a big impact at MJBizCon with our booth and partnerships, but it was wonderful to have the opportunity to spend those days together as well. Our teams chatted, swapped swag, and generally got to work together as seamlessly in person as our software does online.

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Meeting the Cannabis Community

So many people come to Las Vegas for MJBizCon. The intriguing thing about the cannabis industry, in general, is that the majority of business owners are also a part of the larger cannabis community. They are passionate about their business ventures while also being advocates for the community and industry as a whole.

It was a lot of fun getting people to color on our engagement wall, as well as handing out a ton of swag. We had shiny pins that were perfect for the Las Vegas theme, plus stickers, hats, hand sanitizer, and more. Across the convention center, booths had all kinds of cool goodies to hand out, and by the end of the trip, some visitors appeared to need an extra suitcase to bring all that fun stuff home!

We were thrilled to meet so many people at the event. Even though our voices were hoarse or gone by the end, it was amazing to talk to such a vast range of cannapreneurs at this event. There was such a vibrant energy on the show floor and across Las Vegas. It felt as though the entire city was there to celebrate the cannabis industry. Well, except for the people who came into town for the Rodeo convention who ended up being very surprised by the MJBizCon crowd.


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#HypurMJBiz is amazing – loving the energy on the show floor of #mjbizcon

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The coloring wall is coming together! Come have fun with us, and learn how Hypur can connect you with what you need. #mjbizcon #hypurmjbiz

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Panel Discussions and Networking

So much of the business of cannabis is done online. It makes sense in our modern economy to work with people who are based across the state or the country from your company. While it is great to get things done regardless of geography, nothing beats the thrill of meeting up in person.

Tyler spoke on a panel about banking and payments. We also hosted a book signing in our booth where Tyler and Ross O’Brien signed copies of Cannabis Capital. Add to that the numerous working dinners and after-parties, MJBizCon 2019 was an ideal opportunity to connect with new and existing contacts across the industry.

With so many cannabis events held throughout the year and across the country, MJBizCon is still clearly worthwhile. Anyone running a cannabis business will want to attend this impressive cannabis conference. Whether you exhibit to make your mark on the cannabis industry or attend and mingle with other cannapreneurs, MJBizCon is an important pinnacle of the cannabis expo calendar.

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