How Hypur integrates with WAYV

How Hypur Integrates with WAYV

A part of the cannabis community since 2014, Hypur is committed to connecting you with what you need, which is why we continually partner with a range of sustainable and reliable independent software vendors (ISVs). One such solution is WAYV, an automated, on-demand supply chain logistics and e-commerce platform that serves the legal cannabis industry by connecting brands, retailers, and distributors. Together, we digitize and normalize what would otherwise be a chaotic process.

Streamlined Cannabis Supply Chain and Payments

Because of specific challenges in the cannabis industry, the cannabis supply chain is often confusing. You may need to order product from a variety of brands, growers, and distributors, with payments expected in different ways depending on the relationship.

WAYV makes ordering cannabis products the way it should be for businesses – fast, easy, and efficient. Operators can order all their product through one convenient platform. Then, thanks to the integration with Hypur, you can make a secure and convenient electronic payment for those goods, right from the WAYV platform.

Instead of purchasing stock from a range of companies, each requiring differing forms of payment or workaround solutions, you can buy all your cannabis products from one place, with one payment. This streamlines your supply chain while also making your accountant’s job easier.

Need Convenient Electronic Cannabis Payments?

Reliable Cannabis Distribution and Reconciliation

Cannabis growers and wholesalers can also benefit from the integration of WAYV with Hypur. Too often, cannabis distributors struggle with chasing payments. In fact, we told you before about a business that ended up with millions of dollars in their accounts receivable.

Thanks to this streamlined integration of WAYV and Hypur, you can rest assured that your customers will be making electronic payments to WAYV, and that you will get your funds on time. Predicting cash flow is vital in any business, and the cannabis industry deserves the consistency and reliability of any legitimate market.

Seamless Integration for Streamlined Success

The integration of WAYV and Hypur creates a cannabis supply chain and logistics and distribution platform that you’d expect from any other industry. Simply order the products you need and pay electronically. By combining Hypur and WAYV, you’re able to focus on building your business and serving your customers instead of chasing cannabis products or payments.

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