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Prevent fraud through real-time ID validation.

Authenticate a customer’s identity using just their ID.

Avoid potential misuse with trusted identification technology.

HypurID verifies customers’ identities in real-time and can be used for your institution or by your merchants for your compliance processes. Simply scan the customer’s ID on the device we provide and receive validation results within a few moments. Now you can know exactly who you or your merchants are doing business with and if those customers really are who they say they are.

True validation.

Confirm the identity of all your customers and your customers’ customers across state and federal government records. After you scan their government-issued ID, you’ll see whether or not the ID was a match on your computer screen.

Instant verification.

Get on-demand identity authentication of all your portfolio applicants. By quickly validating their identities, you can speed up your institution’s onboarding and due diligence processes all while meeting beneficial ownership requirements.

Reduce fraud loss.

Make sure you know who exactly who is applying for an account, guaranteeing a loan, requesting check cashing or asking for a cash advance. HypurID is perfect for satisfying Customer Identification Program (CIP) conditions. And if you’re merchants use it, you’ll have the confidence of knowing they’re selling only to customers of legal age.

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