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Hypur’s Integrated Software Vendors (ISVs) are technology providers that share our passion for empowering commerce. Become a partner and contribute to delivering secure, innovative solutions in a changing world by leveraging technology.


A World of Opportunities

Increased bank regulations, changing laws and shifting consumer preferences are creating once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for innovative technology providers.

In some industries, limited availability to banking services is one of the biggest impediments to growth. In these cash-intensive industries, transparency is the key to banking. Hypur’s technology solutions fill in the gaps and make transparent cash transactions a reality.

Key Benefits


Accelerate your product growth.
Be a Hero! Contribute to the winning solution.
Provide the missing tools your customers need.
Tap into new sales and revenue channels.

Seamless Integrations



Hypur’s secure API integration is easy to implement and backed by full REST and SOAP documentation and U.S.-based support personnel. 

Point-Of-Sale Systems

Cash transactions are inefficient, dangerous, and bad for business. As banks and regulators push for merchants to use Hypur’s platform to turn cash payments into electronic transactions, POS providers need to offer integration with Hypur for a seamless transaction experience. Our sales, payment, and CIP integration APIs make it easy for POS providers to stay competitive.


Potential ISV partners include:



Point-of-sale (POS) Systems


Loyalty & Marketing Programs


AML & BSA Systems


Marketplaces & Integrated Payment Apps


A Reliable Partner

Financial institutions, government authorities and regulators have praised Hypur’s relentless dedication to security and compliance. Our security protocols exceed industry standards in order to safeguard your customer’s sensitive personal information. 

Together we can achieve great things.

Our ISV partners are technology leaders who empower commerce by improving the checkout experience, personalizing the shopping process, increasing operational efficiency, generating business intelligence, or reducing fraud and risk.


Apply for Certification

To preserve the integrity of the Hypur platform, everyone in our ISV program must go through a rigorous certification process.

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