Confidently service a growing industry.

Making marijuana banking your most transparent asset.

Turn the risk into an opportunity.

Using the only banking and compliance platform tailored to address the regulatory challenges of marijuana banking.

Compliance costs and perceived risks associated with marijuana-related-businesses (MRBs) has led many financial institutions to avoid or cut ties with the cannabis industry altogether. With proactive compliance and the right monitoring tools, however, this new emerging industry can be serviced responsibly, sustainably and profitably. The Hypur Platform is specifically designed to address the challenges faced by financial institutions seeking to compliantly bank MRBs. Our innovative suite of software products provide a fully transparent, end-to-end marijuana banking compliance platform for all parties involved—consumers, MRBs and the banks and credits unions that serve them.

The Hypur Platform:

Use our products as modules, creating a solution unique to your needs.

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Turns cash purchases into known customers (KYCC).

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Compliance monitoring and reporting system specific to cash-intensive merchant challenges.

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Brings ease and automation to enhanced due diligence and onboarding processes.

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Provides real-time consumer identity verification and validation.

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Provides tools for physical site assessment with easy mobile reporting.

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Our banking and compliance experts can help.

Making an informed decision makes the difference.

We’re here to help and let you use our expertise to your advantage. We know making the decision to bank MRBs takes a lot of consideration and planning.

Our EVP of Banking and Compliance Andre G. Herrera has broken down the process into a five-part article that gives you valuable information. It starts with “Why Consider Banking MRBs?”