Marijuana Banking Software

Confidently serve a growing industry

Purpose built technology

Traditional banking systems were definitely not designed for marijuana banking

The regulatory requirements and cash-intensive nature of marijuana businesses present unique banking challenges that require technology designed to meet these challenges

Hypur's compliance software includes features built specifically for marijuana banking

Integrated marijuana banking platform

Hypur works alongside your current BSA/AML system to fill the gaps between traditional banking systems and the unique needs of MRB accounts.

Hypur eliminates many of the time consuming and error prone manual processes typically associated with banking MRBs. There is no paper chasing, spreadsheets and loging into multiple systems.

Everything is accessible from one dashboard including:

  • Electronic new account onboarding
  • On-going due diligence monitoring
  • Automated recurring document requests
  • Document management
  • Real-time alerts
  • Real-time transaction level sales data
  • Point-of-interaction data
  • Select core data
  • Chain of cash custody
  • Audit trail of all changes

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The Hypur Platform

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Automate new account on-boarding and document management to meet enhanced due diligence requirements of banking MRBs

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Pro-active compliance and reporting designed for banking MRBs. Provides transaction level monitoring and real-time alerts

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Electronic payment network that reduces the cash burden, provides KYCC level transparency and earns you revenue

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The MRB Banking Experts

Our experts are sought after speakers and are frequently quoted in the media. We talk to financial institutions, banks and credit union regulators and state and federal officials about cannabis banking every day – since 2014. In an industry as new and uncertain as state-legal cannabis, knowledgeable advisers are tough to find but our banking and compliance experts are here to help.