Mary and Main Implements Hypur to Remove Cash From Dispensary

Capitol Heights, Maryland July 25, 2019 – Mary and Main announced today their partnership with Hypur Inc. (Hypur) to offer cashless payments at their dispensary in North Capitol Heights, Maryland. Hypur dramatically improves the shopping experience at Mary and Main, while creating a safer store and community by reducing reliance on cash.

Mary and Main strives to give their patients a first-class experience; offering a safe, secure, reliable way to pay for cannabis through Hypur helps them achieve that goal. Patients can download Hypur from the App Store or Google Play Store and use the application without incurring any fees.

“Hypur will help us bring a more traditional shopping experience to Mary and Main,” said Hope Wiseman, Founder of Mary and Main. “We’re excited at the prospect of offering our customers a simple and secure cashless way to pay.”

Mary and Main puts customer’s security first, making Hypur the perfect partner for them. Hypur keeps user’s information secure by utilizing Face or Touch ID and a Personal Access Code (PAC) each time the application is used. Hypur is PCI DSS Compliant, the highest certification available in the payments industry.

Without access to legitimate credit and debit card processing, cannabis businesses are forced to rely on cash and other workaround payment solutions, like cryptocurrency or offshore processing, that can put patients’ information at risk. “At Hypur, we’re excited to be moving the cannabis industry forward with our ACH cashless payment solution,” said Michael J. Sinnwell Jr., Chief Operating Officer at Hypur. “Working with forward-thinking dispensaries like Mary and Main is what we love!”

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About Mary and Main

Mary and Main is on a mission to provide safe and premium quality products with exemplary and compassionate service to all medical patients who are suffering from several chronic, debilitating illnesses. Mary and Main also strives to be active agents within the community through social action, cannabis education, and philanthropy to further educate others on the benefits of this alternative medicinal approach to health.