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The challenging regulatory environment and high cost of maintaining compliance has caused a lot of financial institutions to turn away money service businesses (MSBs) and disengage from those markets. But with the right MSB banking software in place that can minimize errors and maximize efficiencies, banking MSBs like check cashers, payday lenders, currency dealers and more is a great opportunity.

The Hypur Platform helps automate core AML/BSA linked processes and provides transaction-level transparency and monitoring for high volume and international transactions. It’s the needed level of detail and information that helps banks and credit unions responsibly and profitably bank MSBs without having to expand your compliance department or take on high costs.

The Hypur Platform

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Overcome regulatory burdens with a comprehensive transaction monitoring and electronic reporting system.

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Eliminate the paper-chasing and signature-collecting using a secure online onboarding portal and document management system.

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