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Add a new revenue source to your services.

Making business-to-business payments seamless and transparent.

A valuable service offering for you and your clients.

HypurPayments is an intuitive electronic all-in-one invoicing and payments platform that makes business-to-business payments seamless. It allows your clients to easily send and receive business payments electronically with direct account-to-account transfers. For your institution, it opens up a whole new revenue opportunity.

Payment opportunities.

Earn transactional non-interest revenue by processing business-to-business payments between portfolios.

Transaction transparency.

Gain insight into what’s being processed from one business to another with level 3 data.

Frictionless payments.

Facilitate account-to-account electronic funds transfers (EFT) without credit/debit cards, checks or cash.

Electronic invoicing.

Help your merchants streamline their business payments with real-time reporting for quick and easy reconciliations.

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The Hypur Platform is a versatile suite of products, tailored to fit the specific needs of your financial institution. Let our team of banking and payment experts consult with you and together help determine and design the best solution for your institution.

Concerned about the due diligence required to onboard customers in cash-intensive industries?

HypurDiligence is the solution for you.