Hypur Diligence

Save time and reduce risk with a secure digital merchant application portal


The enhanced due diligence requirements of cash-intensive business customers are time consuming and fraught with risk if a step is neglected.

With regulators holding financial institutions to ever-higher standards of compliance, especially in industries that deal largely in cash, financial institutions need a way to reduce the cost of servicing CIB merchants while elevating the quality of due diligence.


Work Smarter

Spend less time chasing down documents and approvals thanks to features developed by bankers, for bankers.


Automate onboarding for cash-intensive merchants

Time-saving Lead Management System

Reduces need to call merchant leads and request documents

Web-based Merchant Application Portal

Dynamic, customizable, with document upload capability

Customized For Your Workflow

Ensure all required information is gathered before an application proceeds to the next step

Reduced Administrative Overhead For New Accounts

Application information seamlessly imported into merchant profile upon approval

Get all the right data, faster

Dynamic Application Forms

Application dynamically adapts based on merchant’s answers to questions

File Name Standardization

Automatically keeps documents organized regardless of how they’re named by the merchant

Advanced Document Tracking

System tracks all changes and approvals, even with multiple simultaneous reviewers

Digital Signature Authentication

Automates secure collection of required signatures

Start your relationship off right.

With Hypur Diligence, you can rest assured that you’ve got all the right EDD data you need, leaving you free to focus on building a strong relationship with your merchants.