Hypur ID

Real-time consumer identity verification and validation


Increased regulatory compliance requirements, especially in cash-intensive industries, has put the burden on financial institutions to know your customer’s customer.

With Hypur ID, you can breathe easier knowing that consumer’s identities are being verified and validated through a secure system on every transaction.


Why take risks?

Utilize ID verification to prevent transactions by unauthorized persons.


Bank CIB merchants confidently.

Know Your Customer's Customers

Hypur ID does a full CIP and KYC on the consumer's identity, making it easy to meet compliance standards.


Geolocation technology ensures no anonymous transactions are occurring outside of merchant location.

Qualified and Verified Customers

Only qualified and verified consumers can make purchases.

Low-tech consumers? No problem.

Consumers with a Hypur profile who don’t have a smartphone can check out using their government-issued ID and PAC number.