Hypur enables U.S. banks and credit unions to safely and profitably serve cash-intensive businesses, through banking and payment technology designed specifically for highly regulated industries.

Financial Institutions Generate revenue and get the data to confidently meet compliance requirements in any industry. Link
Merchants Focus on growing your business instead of cash-handling logistics. Link
Consumers Protect your privacy while enjoying the convenience of electronic payments. Link

“Based on my experience at the Department of Justice, I know firsthand the challenges facing financial institutions in the current regulatory and enforcement environment. Hypur provides solutions to those challenges, bringing greater transparency to our financial system.”

John Vardaman, EVP & General Counsel of Hypur


Transparency + Profitability

Hypur’s multifaceted technology platform provides unprecedented transparency and profitability for financial institutions seeking a secure and efficient way to serve cash-intensive businesses and their customers.


Bridging the Gap

Technology tools that fill the spaces created by changing regulations and emerging markets.


Together we can accomplish great things.

We are looking for innovative technology leaders to be a part of our Integrated Software Vendor (ISV) program.