How to add value to the cannabis community

How to Add Value to the Cannabis Community

The cannabis community can be tightknit and supportive. It can also sometimes feel daunting to know how you can help if you aren’t lobbying for changes in legislation or raising funds for venture capital. But whether you’re a cannabis consumer or businessperson, here are some ways that you can help the cannabis community thrive.

Share the Spotlight

Everyone has a platform. This might be an expansive range of channels as a business or your personal Facebook page. Either way, you can highlight the people you’ve encountered who are doing good things in the industry. For example, if you follow us on LinkedIn, you’ll notice that we frequently share news articles from different sources about what’s happening in the industry and across the country.

Another example we’ve enjoyed is highlighting some of the dispensaries we work with. Whether you’re in Arizona or Oklahoma, share good stories about people who are doing well in the legal cannabis industry.

We also like running promotions with our partners. Dispensaries that run promotions with us usually see a 40% increase in revenue. When you thrive, we grow, and the whole cannabis community flourishes as a result.

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Attend or Exhibit at Events

Events are a big part of the cannabis industry. Whether it’s a consumer event or more business-oriented, simply showing up can help the cannabis community in general. You’ll contribute to the networking or education opportunities, plus show event organizers that there is a large population of people interested in cannabis in the area.

Huge cannabis expos can be daunting, though. MJBizCon, for example, drew thousands of people to Las Vegas in 2019 and continues to grow every year. As a result, you’ll want to be prepared ahead of time to make the most in being there. We got a lot out of our latest MJBizCon, which you can read about more here.

Expert Guidance

Beyond attending events or exhibiting at them, we try to share our expertise as much as possible. That’s why we often agree to speak at cannabis community events, raising awareness and highlighting topics that may be confusing for some people.

As a company focused on sustainable and compliant banking and payments in the cannabis industry, that’s the knowledge that we tend to share. For example, federal legalization comes up in numerous conversations across the country, which is why we made our insights into the reality of federal cannabis legalization available on our website. The same goes for new guidance on hemp banking.

How We Influence the Cannabis Industry

Hypur has been around since 2014, which means we’ve had time to make some significant impacts on the cannabis industry. Compared to opportunists who sought to make a quick profit from cannabis as the fastest-growing industry, our goal has always been to legitimize the legal cannabis industry, making it sustainable and reliable.

To do this, we’ve eliminated the cannabis banking problem. Hypur takes compliance seriously, which is why we’re transparent with our financial institution partners. That’s why they trust us to help them bank the cannabis industry, offer reliable cannabis merchant accounts, and accept Hypur’s payment system.

We’ve also brought modern payments to the cannabis industry. Not only does Hypur Pay offer quick, safe, and convenient payments for consumers, it also makes it easy for the entire cannabis industry to send each other payments with our B2B solution. Plus, by reducing the industry’s reliance on cash, we’re making the cannabis community safer.

We’re most proud of our work with a range of banking groups and cannabis industry associations to help move the industry out of the darkness and into the light. We’ve been a part of the cannabis community from the beginning, working towards legitimizing the legal cannabis industry. Whether you’re in the business of cannabis delivery, cultivation, warehousing, retail, or a consumer, Hypur connects you with what you need.

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