A Guide to Modern Cannabis Shopping with Hypur

A Guide to Modern Cannabis Shopping with Hypur

When you want to buy cannabis, or more specifically pay for weed, consumers can be faced with some sketchy situations. Hypur is committed to legitimizing the cannabis industry, which is why we offer reliable, transparent electronic payments that are quick, easy, and secure for consumers. But wait, there’s more!

How to Pay for Cannabis

You can read about the many ways that you can pay for cannabis. While cash will always be a part of the cannabis industry, it can be risky for consumers and businesses alike. Plus, it’s not always convenient or cost-effective to go to the ATM and withdraw cash to buy weed.

Hypur uses a direct account-to-account transfer to let you pay for cannabis electronically. Whether you want to buy weed online or in-store, you can use Hypur. In person, check into the location and simply shop for what you want. When you’re ready to pay for cannabis, you will enter your Personal Access Code (PAC) and you automatically pay. When you buy cannabis online, you’ll select the “Pay with Hypur” option, log in to your Hypur account and complete the multi-factor authentication to authorize the transaction.

You can rest assured that Hypur is secure because we adhere to bank-level compliance and security. Plus, because all you’re doing is transferring funds from your bank account, you won’t need to worry about loading money onto a prepaid card or losing funds if a dispensary stops using a payment system.

Our platform is so quick and easy to use. Watch it in action:

Get Extra Money When You Refer-A-Friend

Maybe you already love using Hypur. Did you know that you could get $20 when you refer us to your friends, plus they’ll also get $20? The refer-a-friend promotion is easy to use and has no limit, so you can refer as many people to us as you’d like. Here’s how it works:

  1. Open the settings tab in the Hypur app
  2. Select Promotions
  3. Open the “Refer a Friend” promotion and share your link

In order to get the referral money, your friend will need to be a new Hypur user, create a profile with Hypur, and make a payment using Hypur. Two weeks after the first transaction is made by the referee, Hypur will deposit $20 to both you and your friend. The deposit will be made into the bank accounts on file in your respective Hypur profiles.

Ready for effortless, cashless payments at the dispensary?