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Offer an electronic payment alternative to service cash-intensive businesses.

Unprecedented transaction transparency technology.

Electronic payments that provide insight into each and every sale.

HypurCommerce enables your financial institution to safely and profitably bank businesses that require greater transparency and compliance. By making electronic consumer-to-business payments accessible to merchants and their customers, your bank or credit union can expand into new markets and generate additional revenue.

Know your customer’s customer.

Transaction transparency is right at your fingertips with secure account-to-account transfers that provide geolocation-tagged payments for purchases made by ID-verified customers. View granular transaction details with integrated merchant point of sale systems to see exactly who is buying what, when and where.

Payment opportunities.

Offer your customers an electronic payment option that lessens the use of cash and doesn’t require debit or credit rails. You can even earn transactional non-interest revenue and process business-to-business payments between portfolios.

Fraud prevention.

Protect your institution and deny suspicious purchases at the point of sale based on criteria that you set beforehand.

Marketing support.

We provide all the materials you need to make explaining Hypur to your merchants and their customers simple. Each merchant is trained by us to accept Hypur and we handle each merchant’s Hypur launch.

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The Hypur Platform is a versatile suite of products, tailored to fit the specific needs of your financial institution. Let our team of banking and payment experts consult with you and together help determine and design the best solution for your institution.

Concerned about the due diligence required to onboard customers in cash-intensive industries?

HypurDiligence is the solution for you.