Compliance as a Service for your institution.

Compliance costs and perceived risks have forced many financial institutions to avoid and cut ties with certain industries and existing customers. But with Hypur, financial institutions can cost-effectively service businesses even in the most challenging markets.

Our Compliance as a Service (CaaS) software fills the gaps left by other financial technologies and enables secure, accurate and efficient due diligence, compliance and payment activities.

Discover the

Hypur Platform.

We know that each financial institution is unique. That’s why our compliance software is a customizable, modular system tailored to your institution’s needs.

With the Hypur Platform you can:

Get up and running quickly – all you need is an internet connection.
Test out a module or two before committing to the whole package.
Seamlessly add modules on-demand as your institution scales.
Choose the modules you need to fill the gaps left by your current BSA/AML or core software.

Proactive Compliance

Hypur Comply

Gain insight through transaction monitoring, baseline analysis and point-of-interaction data.


Enhanced Due Diligence

Hypur Diligence

Bring efficiency to your customer onboarding and ongoing due diligence processes.


Identity Validation

Hypur ID

Verify and validate your customers’ identities on the spot while meeting beneficial ownership requirements.


Electronic Payments

Hypur Commerce

See who’s buying what by offering electronic payments to your merchants and their customers.


Onsite Audits

Hypur Sight

On-the-go assessment tools to track, manage and certify physical site visits.


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