These articles were written by Hypur’s banking, compliance, and cannabis experts. Hypur is at the forefront of marijuana compliance and payment technology, and our authors are frequently sought out as experts regarding these subjects.

How electronic payments increase profit

Cannabis businesses are often reluctant to fully embrace electronic payments because of the fees – but fees are only one part of the equation. A proper analysis of electronic sales vs cash sales needs to include the benefits of electronic payments too. Electronic payments increase profits by: Allowing customers to spend more Being cheaper than […]

How to drive more electronic sales

Increasing your percentage of electronic sales is an easy way to increase profits. Curious how much it can increase profits? Check out our free calculator to compare electronic vs cash sales for your business. Luckily, driving more electronic sales is easy. Making small changes can result in a meaningful increase in your profits. Accept electronic [...]

What happens when customers pay transaction fees

Many cannabis businesses require their customers to pay transaction or convenience fees through a cashless ATM fee, “cash discount” pricing, or a per-transaction fee. This seems like an easy way to avoid or offset merchant services fees, but the analysis isn’t so simple when you consider the impact charging transaction fees has on customer behavior. [...]

Cost of cash for cannabis businesses

The cost of cash for retail businesses is elusive, but most business owners/managers would be shocked to realize how much it costs their business. Unlike merchant services processing fees, which are easy to identify (just look at your contract or statements), the cost of cash is buried in multiple line items. Without a distinct line [...]

Signs of Shady Payments for Cannabis

Hypur makes it easy to pay for cannabis without thinking twice. If you’re using something else, you may want to watch out for these shady solutions.

Hypur’s On-Demand Order Creation

Your customer doesn’t have enough cash to pay on delivery or forgot to pay with Hypur at checkout? On-demand order creation is convenient and versatile.

Hypur and dutchie – How the Integration Helps You

Hypur makes it easy to pay for cannabis through dutchie, whether ordering for pickup or delivery. Get convenient and secure payments for cannabis.

Cannabis Consumer Survey: Promo and Payment Preferences

We asked cannabis consumers how they pay, how they like to pay, how often they shop for cannabis, and which promos they prefer. Here’s what we learned.

How to Improve the In-Store Dispensary Experience

When consumers can enter dispensaries again, they need a compelling reason to do so. Here are some tips on boosting the in-store experience.

How Hypur Works with Caliva

Hypur makes it easy to pay for cannabis at Caliva, whether in-store or pickup and delivery. Get convenient and secure payments for cannabis.

Hypur’s Safe Checkout Option for Social Distancing Payment

Consumers want electronic payment options that reduce physical contact during pickup and delivery. Hypur’s safe checkout option is quick and easy.

Safe Checkout – Contactless Payments

Delivery and curbside pickup have become the preferred way, and often the only way, to buy things, including medical and recreational marijuana. This reduces exposure between customers, store personnel, and store surfaces but the shortcoming is often the payment process. Traditional payment methods make social distancing difficult and require the exchange of cash or cards […]

How Coronavirus or COVID-19 Could Impact the Cannabis Industry

From avoiding cash to opting for delivery, the cannabis industry will be impacted by the coronavirus. This is how COVID-19 could change cannabis businesses.

Hypur Partner Spotlight: Rise Dispensaries

Hypur partners with businesses across the country, offering electronic payments for cannabis. More details in this spotlight on Ohio’s Rise Dispensaries.

How to Write a Cannabis Business Plan

Starting a new business or expanding your current operation? You’ll need to draft a cannabis business plan. Read this guide before you start writing.

Hypur Partner Spotlight: Terrasana

Hypur partners with businesses across the country, offering electronic payments for cannabis. More details in this spotlight on Ohio dispensaries Terrasana.

Using Hypur to Pay for Cannabis Delivery

Paying for cannabis delivery should be as easy as paying for pizza delivery. Hypur brings seamless electronic payments to marijuana delivery services.

How to Pick the Best Cannabis Payment Processing

Need cannabis merchant services but not sure which option is best? This guide can help you find the right cannabis payment processing for your business.

How Hypur Integrates with Leaf Logix

Hypur offers seamless electronic payments from within the Leaf Logix software. A fully-integrated solution, you’ll enjoy added convenience and security.

The Four Pillars of Hypur Comply for Financial Institutions

Banks and credit unions know that banking the cannabis industry is important and profitable. Hypur makes it faster, safer, scalable, and more lucrative.

A Guide to Modern Cannabis Shopping with Hypur

Hypur lets you ditch the ATM and pay for cannabis in seconds. Go cashless at the dispensary with effortless payments through Hypur. Download the app today.

The Benefits of Using Hypur for Cannabis Payments

We like to keep it simple when explaining who we are and what we do. But there are a lot of benefits to Hypur that you might not know about.

The Definitive Guide to Cannabis Payments

Wondering why cannabis credit card processing is a problem or how to offer secure payments for dispensaries? This cannabis payment guide has the answers.

The Definitive Guide to Cannabis Banking

If you’ve got cannabis banking questions, we’ve got answers. Curious about the SAFE banking act or wondering how to get a cannabis bank account? Read on.

Does New Federal Guidance Ease Hemp Banking Issues?

Federal regulators released guidance for banking hemp businesses, which became legal under the Farm Act. But there are still risks to consider.

How Hypur Integrates with MJ Platform

Hypur offers seamless electronic payments from within the MJ Platform software. A fully integrated solution, you’ll enjoy added convenience and security.

What Is Underwriting and How to Prepare for It

Just the term underwriting can make some business owners nervous. But once you know more about how it works, and how to prepare, you can be less stressed.

Stop Chasing Money with Hypur’s B2B Payments

Business to business transactions can be complicated in the cannabis industry, but they don’t have to be. Hypur can streamline your B2B payments.

Hypur Partner Spotlight: Vertica

Hypur partners with businesses across the country, offering electronic payments for cannabis. More details about an Oklahoma dispensary, Vertica.

5 Things That Can Ruin Your Cannabis Business

You could lose your dispensary license, bank account, or payment processing. Read more about activities that could destroy your cannabis business.

How to Get (and Keep) a Cannabis Bank Account

Need cannabis banking? There are cannabis-friendly banks in every state. Here’s what you need to know about getting and keeping your account.

What Are Chargebacks and How Hypur Reduces Them

If you’re wondering what is a chargeback, or you’re worried about how they impact your accounting or cannabis banking, let us explain.

How Hypur Keeps Your Data Safe and Secure

Hypur offers secure payments for dispensaries. Whether you’re using our app or website, Hypur keeps your data safe. Here’s how.

How Hypur Transactions Work

Hypur has been offering uninterrupted cannabis payment solutions since 2014. Let us explain how our cannabis payment processing works.

Hypur Partner Spotlight: Müv Phoenix

Hypur partners with businesses across the country, offering electronic payments for cannabis. More details in this spotlight on an Arizona dispensary, Müv.

Signs of Shady Cannabis Payment Solutions

A legitimate marijuana merchant account gives you sustainable cannabis payment solutions. Wondering if a payment processor is shady? Here are some signs.

E-Check vs ACH: Explaining Hypur Pay™

Hypur offers sustainable payments using ACH transactions. But our ACH solution isn’t an e-check! Learn more about how we are different.

Learn from These Cannabis Payment Mistakes

Using workaround cannabis payment providers can result in some serious problems. Learn from other people’s mistakes and protect your cannabis business.

Marijuana Related Businesses (MRBs): Tiers and Their Impacts

Whether you run a Tier I marijuana related business (MRB) or partner with a tier ii MRB, there are important things you should know. Let us explain.

How Much is Cash Costing Your Cannabis Business?

If your cannabis business includes bags of money, you might be battling hidden costs. The cost of cash is high, but there are cannabis banking solutions.

Make More Money Using Hypur

Beyond cannabis payments, Hypur can help you make more money selling CBD or marijuana. Here are three ways that partnering with Hypur boosts revenue.

Accepting Credit Cards for Cannabis Could Destroy Your Company

There are plenty of shady cannabis credit card processing schemes but using them could put your company at risk. Learn how, and what you can do instead.

Why You Need a Reputable Merchant Account, Not Just a Payment Processor

Dispensaries are often at a loss when it comes to getting a marijuana merchant account. There is a lot of confusion and misinformation out there regarding merchant accounts, third-party payment processors and the payment services that retailers need.

How You Can Pay For Cannabis

Hypur is a free payment solution for cannabis. In this article, we cover other options for paying for marijuana, and why they can put your business at risk.

Using Hypur to Pay for CBD or Hemp Online

After shopping for products online, you can pay for your Hemp or CBD products through your favorite website. But you might find that while your site of choice previously let you checkout with a debit or credit card, you’re now being instructed to use Hypur.

Marijuana Banking: The Prospects for Legal Protection

In this article John Vardaman explains the landscape of the current legal protections for those in the marijuana banking industry. As New York considers legalizing the recreational use of marijuana…

A Year After Cole Memo Rescission and Marijuana Banking Goes On

On January 4, 2018, then Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the rescission of the Cole Memo, the document that set out the DOJ’s “hands off” approach to state-legalized marijuana, including…

The State of Cannabis Banking – 2018

According to a report released by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) for the period ending June 30, 2018, there are 441 U.S. depository institutions providing banking services…

Cannabis Banking – Separating Fact from Fiction

In this video from the Green Market Summit, Hypur’s EVP of Business Development, Tyler Beuerlein and EVP of Banking Compliance, Andre Hererra, discuss the economics of cannabis banking…

ACH Payment Revenue Opportunities for Financial Institutions

Commercial banks around the country continue to treat one of the most basic services they’ve offered for decades more as a passive commodity rather than a proactive, marketable asset. It’s time for commercial banks…

Sessions Abdicates His Responsibility on Marijuana

On January 4, 2018, Attorney General Sessions issues a memo formally rescinding years of DOJ guidance, most notably the 2013 Cole Memo, that laid out the federal governments hands-off approach to to state legalized marijuana.…

Compliance Departments – A New Revenue Center for Financial Institutions (part 2)

Revenue and compliance are inextricably linked. The common perception is that the practice of compliance inhibits revenue generation, while the cost of compliance is a revenue drain. This lethal combination…

Compliance Departments: A New Revenue Center for Financial Institutions (part 1)

As new and innovative technology continues to disrupt long standing business functions, banking is proving to be no exception. The days of simply opening up a brand and expecting new…

Challenges and Solutions to Banking Marijuana-Related Businesses

Banking marijuana-related businesses (MRBs) poses some unique compliance challenges. Fortunately, Hypur has developed solutions for them. There is a widely held assumption among financial institutions that…

The Changing Perception of Banking Marijuana Related Businesses

When the federal government issued policy guidance in 2014 as to how financial institutions could permissibly service marijuana-related businesses, industry reaction was swift and decisive – most FIs wanted…

Myth vs Fact: The Cole Memorandum & State-Legal Marijuana

Read and download from HERE

Webinar: Untapped Opportunities for Credit Unions

In the current low-interest-rate environment, credit unions are exploring new sources of revenue to augment deposit and non-interest revenue. Hypur’s technology now allows credit unions to safely and profitably…

Webinar: Banking MSB and Marijuana Clients in a Responsible and Profitable Manner

This webinar was presented by Hypur to members of the National Association of Credit Union Service Organizations (NACUSO) and addresses various legal, compliance, and financial factors concerning banking…

Enabling Banking for Marijuana-Related Businesses

The Obama Administration decided as a matter of policy to permit state legalization of marijuana initiatives to proceed without federal intervention, except in extraordinary circumstances…

Banking Florida Medical Marijuana Businesses

Regulatory expectations surrounding banking money service businesses are a frequent source of confusion for financial institutions. Many financial institutions are surprised to receive deficiencies and matters…

State-Legalized Marijuana: Opportunities for Credit Unions

In the current low-interest-rate environment, credit unions are exploring new sources of revenue to augment deposit and non-interest revenue. One new market that has emerged is state-legalized marijuana, which has created opportunities…

Banking MRBs – Technology Solutions (part 5)

This is the fifth in a five-part series of articles on Banking Marijuana-Related Businesses (MRBs). This installment focuses on operating procedures of MRB banking. After researching regulatory guidance, becoming…

Banking MRBs – Transaction Monitoring (part 4)

This is the fourth in a five-part series of articles on Banking Marijuana-Related Businesses (MRBs). This installment focuses on MRB transaction monitoring. Financial institutions should have prcedures in place to detect…

Banking MRBs – Creating an MRB Banking Policy (part 3)

This is the third in a five-part series of articles on Banking Marijuana-Related Businesses (MRBs). This installment focuses creating an MRB banking policy. The first step in banking the cannabis industry is creating…

Banking MRBs – Regulatory Guidance (part 2)

This is the third in a five-part series of articles on Banking Marijuana-Related Businesses (MRBs). This installment focuses on MRB banking regulatory guidance. The ideal situation would be if the FFIEC published…

Banking MRBs – Should Your Institution Do It? (part 1)

This is the first in a five-part series of articles about banking MRBs. These articles are intended as an overview of marijuana banking, not an exhaustive guide. These articles are based on our banking, payments…