Stop Paying Like It’s a Back-Alley Transaction

Pay at Dispensaries Without Cash

Convenient, No Fees, and Secure

Who pays with cash anymore? Cash is a hassle and ATM fees are the worst.  Hypur’s mobile app lets you pay directly from your checking account. We hate fees as much as you. Signing up for Hypur is free and we don’t charge transaction fees, monthly fees or any other fees.

Most cannabis credit/debit card processors are offshore, super sketchy and totally risky. Hypur doesn’t use offshore processors or sketchy middlemen. Your sensitive information never leaves our ultra-secure PCI Certified servers so you can pay with confidence.

Checking In

Step 1

Checking in to your local dispensary with Hypur is easy: just open the app and select check-in. You can also use auto check-in and skip a step if you are within 100ft of any dispensary on the Hypur network.

Checking Out

Step 2

Checking out with Hypur is just as simple as checking in. When purchasing your product, inform the dispensary you would like to use Hypur. Just type in your 4 digit Personal Access Code (PAC), set up when you signed up, and that’s it. We will send you a receipt with payment confirmation.

Watch Paying with Hypur in Action

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