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How to pay for cannabis

Pay Conveniently

Simple. Free. Not Cash.

Pay directly from your bank account – quickly and securely using our mobile app – with no signup fees or transaction fees.

Hypur doesn’t use workarounds like cryptocurrency or pre-paid cards so it’s simple, fast and straight forward. The way payments should be.

Pay with Hypur for in-store, order-ahead, and delivery purchases.

Hypur uses a quick 2-step process for your security



Select your dispensary in the Hypur app to check-in.



Enter your 4-digit Personal Access Code (PAC) to check-out. That’s it, your done!

Pay Confidently

Shop Without Fear

Hypur is committed to security and protecting your sensitive information, every step of the way.

To show our commitment to security, we’re PCI DSS certified – the highest level of certification by the Payment Card Industry.

Many payment solutions use shady middlemen or off-shore processors that put your information at risk. We don’t use middlemen or off-shore processors.

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Pay for cannabis at your local dispensary with Hypur

Pay Legitimately

Real Payments for Real Businesses

Cash is for back-alley transactions. Hypur provides legitimate electronic payments that make businesses safer, more secure, and more main stream

Workaround payment solutions are risky and frustrating. We don’t use trickery and have a 99.9% uptime so Hypur works every time you shop and transactions won’t be unnecessarily rejected.

Hypur is free and fast to use

Getting Started

Start Paying Smarter

Signing up for Hypur is free and takes just a few minutes. Just link a bank account and provide some basic information to verify the account is yours.

You’re approved instantly and can start paying smarter immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to provide my social security number?

To prevent fraud. Your personal information helps us prevent identity theft and prevent others from linking your account to their Hypur profile. The information you provide must match public records to comply with U.S. financial regulations.

Why do I need to enter my bank login information?

To verify a bank account is yours and prevent others from linking your bank account to their Hypur profile. It also helps you avoid costly overdraft fees.

Hypur never has access to your bank credentials. Your credentials are entered directly to an industry leader in account verification and transferred using 256-bit end-to-end encryption.

Is Hypur free for consumers?

Yes. There is no fee to sign up and we don’t charge you a transaction fee. If a store wants to charge you a fee to pay with Hypur tell them that’s totally uncool.

Is Hypur safe?

Yes. We use end-to-end encryption to protect your data and sophisticated monitoring to detect fraudulent transactions. And because we don’t use card-based payments, stores where you shop and third-party processors never see your sensitive information.

Third parties have verified our PCI DSS certification (the highest level of certification by the Payment Card Industry) and reviewed our policies in accordance with the American Society of Certified Public Accountants SSAE No. 18 standards for System and Organization Controls (SOC I Type 2 report).

Why pay with Hypur?

Because it’s a smarter way to pay – no fees, no cash to carry, and no sketchy payment processors to worry about. And we’re really nice, just ask our moms.