Make cashless purchases.

No card, no wallet, 100% secure.

Easy mobile payments.

No more special trips to the bank.

Spend freely without cash limitations.

No ATM, sign up or usage fees.

Faster checkouts.

Safe and secure.

What our customers say:

Dorothy L.

“Hypur is one of the best inventions in a very long time. Before Hypur I would have to make sure I had enough cash with me to make a purchase, which wasn't always the easiest to do especially with a daily ATM withdraw limit with my bank. Hypur has made my shopping experience fast and easy. Now all I have to do is check in, purchase my goodies then pay using only my PAC.Thank you for making life more simple Hypur!”

Logan M.

“Hypur is a fantastic alternative way to pay. By eliminating the need for me to stop at a bank or use the ATM, which always has a fee, I save time and money on every single visit. Hypur also gives me the peace of mind knowing that I am not walking around with a bunch of cash on me, and that my purchase is secure and on record.”

Jim M.

“Easy as a gravy sandwich.”

Becky N.

“It’s more like writing a digital check to pay. I drive a long way and sure don’t want to go it alone through half the state with a roll of cash!”

Check-in. Pay. Done.


Sign up.

Set up a free Hypur profile by telling us a little bit about yourself and creating a 4-digit Personal Access Code (PAC). Then sync your checking account to your profile and verify your profile via email.

What's a PAC? A PAC is a code you type in at checkout to complete your purchase- so be sure to make it something you can easily remember!




Before you enter the store, sign in to your profile and select the check-in button under the store's name OR give the store your mobile phone number and ask them to check you in.



Once you're ready to checkout, enter your PAC number and you're done! You'll receive a receipt via email and text message for your purchase.

Ready to go cashless?

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How to sign up:


Create a FREE Hypur profile.


Connect your checking account to your profile.


Check your inbox for a confirmation email and sign in to Hypur.

Ready to go cashless?

Yes, I want to sign up!

Keep track of your purchase history.

Each time you pay with Hypur, you’ll receive a receipt for that purchase via email and text message. And you can access all previous payment activity in your profile.

Your security is our top priority.

Hypur uses bank-level security and data encryption to protect your personal information and prevent transactions that are not made by you.

Check out our YouTube channel to learn more.


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