Stop Paying Like It’s a Back-Alley Transaction

Pay smarter with Hypur

Safe, convenient & no fees

Who pays with cash anymore? Cash is a hassle and ATM fees are the worst. We hate fees as much as you. Signing up for Hypur is free and we don’t charge transaction fees, monthly fees or any other fees. Hypur’s mobile app is super convenient and lets you show off your fancy new smartphone

More secure than credit & debit cards

Most cannabis credit/debit card processors are offshore, super sketchy and totally risky. Hypur doesn’t use offshore processors or sketchy middlemen. Your sensitive information never leaves our ultra-secure PCI Certified servers so you can pay with confidence

Pay with Hypur however you shop

Hypur isn’t just for in-store purchases. You can also pay with Hypur for order ahead or delivery purchases. And it’s built with rock-solid technology so it works all-the-time, every-time. No matter how you shop

Paying with Hypur is super easy

Step 1: Check-in

Check-in to a store with Hypur’s mobile app

Step 2: Check-out

Enter your 4-digit code at the counter and you’re done!

Signing up for Hypur is free and quick

Before paying with Hypur you need to create a Hypur profile – it’s free, only takes few minutes and you’re approved instantly. Just link a bank account and create a 4-digit Personal Access Code (PAC) to authorize purchases and you are ready to start paying smarter with Hypur.

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Don't take our word for it:

"Hypur is a fantastic alternative way to pay. By eliminating the need for me to stop at a bank or use an ATM, which always has a fee, I save time and money on every single visit."

Logan M.

"Hypur is one of the best inventions in a very long time. Before Hypur I would have to make sure I had enough cash with me to make a purchase ... Hypur has made my shopping experience fast and easy."

Dorothy L.

"Hypur is extremely convenient for someone like myself, who never carries cash. The transaction is quick and easy. Very helpful system."

Stephanie S.

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