Referring a friend at a dispensary to use Hypur.

Get Cash When You Refer a Friend with Hypur

You’ve already discovered how quick, easy, and reliable it is to pay with Hypur. Are you tired of waiting for your friends who insist on making trips to the ATM before visiting the dispensary? Or maybe they take forever to pay for cannabis, holding up the line in front of you. Use the Hypur referral program and you both get $20 cash!

How to Use Refer a Friend with Hypur

The Hypur referral program is easy to use.

  1. Open the settings tab in the Hypur app
  2. Select Promotions
  3. Open the “Refer a Friend” promotion and share your link

In order to get the referral money, your friend will need to be a new Hypur user, create a profile with Hypur, and make a payment using Hypur. Two weeks after the first transaction is made by the referee, Hypur will deposit $20 to both you and your friend. The deposit will be made into the bank accounts on file in your respective Hypur profiles.

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Extra Benefits of the Hypur Referral Program

The best referral programs share some common elements that make them so beneficial for users like you. The most important shared element is that these are referral programs that pay cash. No store credits, no need to accumulate referrals. Every time you make a qualifying new referral, you and your referee will get $20 deposited in your account to do with what you like. Pay your bills, take yourself out to lunch, or pick up something extra at the dispensary – the choice is yours!

Another benefit of this Hypur promo is that there isn’t a limit to how many people you can refer. Have a ton of friends who are still using cash to pay for cannabis? Sing Hypur’s praises and tell them how they can pay quickly and easily with the Hypur app instead. Working as a budtender or patient advocate? If your dispensary allows it, you could use your referral code and make even more money every time you get a customer to switch to Hypur.

Who Should I Refer?

Not sure which of your friends use marijuana products, or convinced they’re all already signed up with Hypur? You could still benefit from the Hypur referral program. Here are some ideas:

  • Parents and grandparents – Help them get on the app and make it easier for them to purchase their adult-use or medical marijuana at the dispensary.
  • Share on social media. Hypur is available across the US – share your referral link and an old college friend or coworker could use it to sign up, even from another state.
  • Randoms at the bar. Kidding not kidding! See someone using cannabis products at a pool party or your local watering hole? Tell them about Hypur and you could both end up $20 richer.

Start Referring Your Friends