Hypur Comply

Serving cash-intensive businesses makes sense again



New regulations and new industries require new tools. Hypur Comply provides compliance due diligence tools that help keep the government satisfied and the money flowing in.

Since 2001, new banking regulations have made it harder – and in some cases, impossible – to service merchants in cash intensive businesses (CIBs). Financial institutions have had to turn away merchants because they operate in high-risk industries or because of the costly labor-intensive administrative work required to meet compliance requirements.


Reducing risk and opening doors

Hypur Comply is the technology solution that reduces the administrative burden of BSA and AML monitoring for CIBs, making it possible for financial institutions to serve all types of businesses once again.


Improved BSA and AML Monitoring for Cash-intensive Businesses 

Elevates Compliance and Risk Management

Real-time red flag alerts of suspicious activity, tailored to your institution’s risk thresholds

Automates SAR and CTR Reporting

Automated data collection and preparation of initial and recurring SAR/CTR reports

Reputation Monitoring

Monitor the online reputation of your merchants from four different sources

Unusual Transaction Alerts

Purpose-built to your institution's risk thresholds and triggers

Entity Square Footage

Analyze financial values per square foot of merchant location

Structured Templates

Save time with pre-structured entity documents and forms

Risk Ratings

Use primary and secondary risk ratings to manage compliance activities

Safe & Sound

Get the data you need to stay ahead of potential compliance issues.